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20 Jan 2023

Cost of Studying in UK

Cost of Studying in UK
For an International student, the cost factor is always an essential aspect of studying abroad. Accordingly, it is important to be well aware of the cost of studying in UK. In comparison to Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand, UK has much low tuition fees for international students. The students should consider expenses like accommodation, food, health coverage and travelling along with the tuition fees while calculating the estimated cost of studying in UK. Apart from that the paid internship provided by the UK universities will also make it easier for students to meet their expenses. The expenses that one needs to arrange to study in UK will be as follows:

Tuition Fee

Generally, the approximate tuition fee for undergraduate students, ranges between £10,000 and £18,000 per year. It basically depends on the course and the institution. For all postgraduate courses, tuition fees vary by course provider but will be under £20,000.  Besides as most of the postgraduate courses are of one year, the prices tend to be quite reasonable. In addition, the choice of location can also affect the fee as there are different policies in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales). You need to show you have enough money to pay the full tuition fees for your course. If you will be studying a course which is more than one year long, you will only need to provide evidence that you can pay for your first year’s fees.

Cost of living

For a Tier 4 visa you will be asked to provide evidence that you (or your parent/guardian) have enough money to pay for your course and your living expenses. If you are studying in London, you must show at least £1,265 per month of your course. If you are studying outside of London, you will have to show £1,015 per month of your course.

You will only have to show a maximum of 9 months of funds, even if your course is longer.

Health coverage

Medical Insurance is mandatory for all Tier 4 applicants before the commencement of their program. Most UK universities have comprehensive health insurance plans for international students, but the policy ceases upon the completion of your course. The average cost for medical insurance is approximately £150 per year.

Student visa Application charge

The visa application cost is £322. For more information refer to the official website.


Most universities provide on campus housing options. The bookings have to be made well in advance. The other options are homestay or rented apartments. Which might cost in between £550 and £650.


Public transport (trains, buses, and tubes) is commonly available. Students can obtain a monthly pass from their college/university, which makes travelling a very cheap option. Some universities will have their own bus services as well, making it quite easy to commute.
For the Nepalese students, studying in UK could be quite expensive. However, with proper planning early on it can be managed effectively.

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