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20 Jan 2023

Employment Opportunities in the USA

Employment Opportunities in the USA
Employment opportunities are an important aspect to be considered when it comes to deciding upon a country for further studies. Generally, as a student, we should be aware of the part time job policies and options. International students can get many employment opportunities in the USA. A student visa generally allows 20 hours of work in a week. The On-campus employment is freely available, while for the off-campus employment, you must get a written permission from the DSO. In order to work in the U.S., you need to obtain a Social Security number (SSN). But in some condition, you can still apply for jobs without an SSN and use the job offer to get SSN once you are hired. Below are the employment opportunities in the USA that students can expect:

On Campus Jobs

You can work on-campus as a teaching assistant, library assistant, academic department assistant, research assistant, in the cafeteria or as any other related job for up to 20 hours in a week. You need to contact your university career services office for more information about the openings.

Off Campus Jobs

Off Campus Jobs are also known as summer jobs, which are taken during the vacations and are in abundance from June to September. Under summer jobs, you can work at summer camps, hotels, theme parks, retail industry, cafes, etc.
More over if an international student has specialized skills, they are easily hired by different organizations according to their specialization.

Post Study Stay

In US, the option to stay behind after the completion of your course is quite limited. The most common options are as below:

Practical Training F-1 Visa:
Such visa can be granted for a period of up to one year. It provides students to get a practical training after the completion of their main course.

H-1B Visa
Such visa can be granted when the student is offered a job by a US employer, in his relevant field of studies after the completion of his course.

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