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SOP Session from Curtin Representative

Full program details & costs, with admission requirements.

22nd Dec, 2022- 30th Dec, 2022

Full program details & costs, with admission requirements.

  • 22nd Dec, 2022- 30th Dec, 2022
  • 01:00 AM-20:27 PM

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  What is Statement of Purpose?
A “Statement of Purpose” or “SOP” is an essay that is an important part of your application which:

Shows how well you express yourself in writing.
Showcases interests, values, and personality.
“Breathes life” into your application.
Shows the “person behind the paper”.
Distinguishes you from other applicants.

Writing these essays may differ from one university to another. But the basic gist is that allows you to write life events, major impacts or important relationships in your life, compelling interests rather than reciting the given facts.

As we know that Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the important component for the Visa lodgement. So, keeping that in mind we are comming with live SOP session with Curtin University representative to answer your question.

Attend a SOP guidance session at Cuppas Cafe jointly organized by Nepal Education Consultancy and Curtin University to learn tips and techniques on writing an excellent SOP. 

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March 8, 2021
11:30 am – 12:30 pm +0545
Free of cost


Nepal Education Consultancy
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