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20 Jan 2023

Scholarship Options in the UK

Scholarship Options in the UK
Universities and schools offer a range of scholarships options in the UK including bursaries and grants to international students. The bursaries that are provided by the institutions are generally based on merit scores of the students. The value differs as per providers and also depends on the academic achievement of the students. Besides such institutional scholarships are generally renewed every year. Few scholarship options in the UK are also provided by the government. Amongst them the top ten are as below:
1.     Chevening Scholarship

These scholarships are for the students of Masters level coming from a Chevening eligible country. It covers tuition fee and additional allowance for living cost and other essential expenses for one year.

2.     Commonwealth Scholarships

The UK Department for International Development (DFID) grants such scholarship for masters and PhD level for students of commonwealth countries. Almost all studying and living expenses are covered up by this.

3.     Gates Cambridge Scholarship

These scholarships are only for those students studying a postgraduate course at the University of Cambridge. It is available to outstanding applicants from any country other than the UK.

4.     Rhodes Scholarship

This scholarship is granted to postgraduate applicants studying at the University of Oxford. It is awarded to exceptional performers and is one of the most prestigious scholarship. All expenses from tuition, living to airfares are covered up in this scholarship.

5.     Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship

For 30 students coming from any faculty for a research at the University of Edinburgh will be granted this scholarship. However only the tuition fee will be covered up and not any other expenses.

6.     Denys Holland Scholarship

The scholarship is worth £9,000 per year for need based undergraduate student, studying at University College London. It can be selected between full scholarship or partial by the scholars themselves. However, they will have to demonstrate their intention.

7.     University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarship

These scholarships are granted to international studying a postgraduate at most of the schools in Sussex. It’s value is 50% of the tuition fee and is offered only for one year. This scholarship is based on academic performance.

8.     International Ambassador Scholarship

Anyone who will be chosen as an international student ambassador at the University of West London will be granted this scholarship. This can be granted to upto 50 students and its value is worth up to £5,000.

9.     Bristol Think Big International Scholarship

The scholarship is provided by the University of West of England, Bristol where an international student will have to work with the International Development Office. It will cover up for the tuition fee of one year.

10.  Clarendon International Scholarship

The scholarship is granted to international students studying at Oxford University. It is granted based on academic excellence and there are around 100 full scholarships granted every year. The clarendon scholarship is granted to deserving students of any faculty and any level.

Most of the scholarships are based on Merit achievements.

But sometimes, there could be other factors like extracurricular activities, or volunteering that can determine the scholarships or grants provided.

One needs to apply at least 8-12 months before the intake begins as this can be a very time-consuming process


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