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20 Jan 2023

Scholarship Options in the USA

Scholarship Options in the USA
There are various scholarship options in the USA for international students. USA has always prioritized education and has been granting funds and scholarships quite liberally to the deserving students. Funding can be either in the form of Working Assistants, Stipends or Fellowships. Few scholarships are also provided by individuals. These scholarships are mainly provided to the students from the science faculty. Apart from the scholarships and funding that is granted by the universities, the US government, and the individuals, Nepal Government also provides different scholarships to the deserving students. The most popular Government scholarships options in the USA that you can apply to include:

• Fulbright Scholarship

This is for international students who want to apply for master’s or PhD programs. The scholarship covers tuition fee, health insurance, textbooks, airfare, and living costs. This is one of the most prestigious awards.

• Humphrey Fellowship Program

This fellowship is granted to experienced professionals and is granted for a year; this program covers all expenses. You don’t get to choose a university for yourself; instead, you are assigned the most appropriate host institution as per your skills and interests.

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