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20 Jan 2023

USA Student Visa

USA Student Visa
The American universities allows international students to study and earn a degree on the condition that they are granted a student visa first. USA has its own policies, when it comes to the visa type as well as the requirements. A student who wishes to study in USA should also be well acquainted with the USA’s Student visa Overview. This helps them to be well prepared with the essential documents well ahead of time. The visa grants might also take some time, a better understanding of the visa overview, will help us plan when would be the best time to start our application process. The student visa in USA are of three different types: • F1 Visa: required to study at any accredited college or university in USA • J1 Visa: required for transfer students of any level • M1 Visa: required for students who go for a non-academic or vocational training. Initially an application has to be made at the required university from where the students will be issued an I-20, on the basis of which students will apply for their visa.

Documents Required for Visa

• A valid passport
• A valid I-20
• Payment of Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)
• Non – immigration visa application and Form DS-160
• Photographs as requested

Addition Documents that might be asked for:
• Academic Documents
• Evidence of Funds
• Papers related to fund or grants

A candidate needs to prepare for a short interview as well that shall be conducted at the Embassy.

F1 Student Visa

Most International Students will need to obtain a F-1 student visa and the process will be as below:

• Apply to the university of your choice through online or paper application
• Pay an application fee between $25 to $100.
• Receive an I-20
• Pay for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)
• Pay for the Visa application
• Schedule a date for visa interview
• Give a visa interview at the US embassy.

If you qualify, a visa will be granted if not you can schedule for another interview date.

Things to follow while you are in US

• You cannot enter the U.S. more than 30 days prior to your class start date
• You need to contact the designated school official when you first enter the U.S.
• You need to contact your designated school official again, no later than the program start date listed on your Form I-20 before the class start date
• You must attend and pass all of your classes.
• If you find your studies too difficult, you should speak with your designated school official (DSO) immediately
• If you think you will be unable to complete your program by the end date listed on your Form I-20, you must talk to your DSO about requesting a possible program extension
• You cannot drop below a full course of study without consulting with your DSO

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