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20 Jan 2023

Why Study in New Zealand?

Why Study in New Zealand?
As New Zealand is a member of Lisbon Recognition Convention, its certificates, diplomas and degrees of New Zealand are recognized in all 50 participating countries. Here are the reasons if you are thinking why study in New Zealand:

For a Global ranking

There are eight universities in New Zealand which are all ranked in QS World University Rankings 2019 an impressive feat when we consider the total population which is around 4.7 million.

For Work benefits

There are many working advantage for international students like working full-time during holidays and also applying for six months work permit to gain points for a residency application.

For Quality of Education

The international students are offered with a very supportive environment. In New Zealand the students per classroom is less in number as compared to other western countries, letting students with more personalized attention. Similarly, students will experience a wide range of teaching techniques and environment as the teaching methods are constantly developing

For its Natural beauty

New Zealand has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Students can study during the week and enjoy their free time by indulging themselves into some of the activities like bungee jumping, skiing, hiking, rafting and many more.

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